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Newborn Clothing Essentials









How many newborn clothes to get? Here is a checklist to help. Doing the laundry becomes an almost daily occurrence, but you’ll still need plenty of changes of clothes.
As a guide, the following essentials will see you through for a newborn baby:
6-8 singlets
6-8 jumpsuits
6-8 jumpsuits for nightwear
4-6 tops
2-3 cardigans or jackets
3-4 cotton bunny rugs (for winter) or muslin (gauze) wraps (for summer)
4-5 cotton hats
6-8 pairs booties and socks.
6-8 pairs of mittens.
10-12 burp cloths
10-12 bibs
4-5 dressing up clothes

Having these essentials will make a world of difference not only for your newborn but for you as-well because some newborns require more clothing  changes  than others.