About us

Our mission

Is to improve this planet by giving back.

Our motto:

Good – Better – Best

Never let it rest

Until the Good is Better and the Better is Best.

Who are we ???       

Babytivoli.com is one of many  websites owned by the  Quantum Foundation ibc

It was formed by a philanthropic group of people to provide and donate funding to several different Charities, Societies and Foundations.

We have chosen to financially assist  various organizations and align ourselves with them because of our personal experiences in our lives.

Why buy from us???

By landing on our website and purchasing through us you are helping to donate funds to the different approved Charities, Societies and Foundations that we have chosen to align ourselves with. We have chosen Amazon as our product provider and distribution network as they are the  largest online retailer in the United States so we can offer you peace of mind that you are dealing with strong and reputable Companies . Amazon has the ability to provide product at extremely competitive prices and dispatches it to 75 countries worldwide with free shipping if certain criteria is met. So whether you purchase goods through Amazon or Babytivoli.com the price is the same, however today when you purchase  through Us you have helped to donate to a worthy cause, in this case it’s (SIDS) Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Cot Death research. So thank you for your Contribution as you purchase from our website as  it will help make a difference.  By this one simple act of buying  through Babytivoli.com who is an Amazon authorized associate you have made that difference.

We look forward to your ongoing support in the future. If you just want to donate,  you may do so by clicking on the (Secure Donations) button and making a donation of your choice. donation image

Have I done any good in the world today?

Have I helped in any way?   YES !!!!!